About us

Our company

NeuronalMotion builds software products to give to people access to tomorrows’s technology. Thanks to our continuous R&D and our implication with our partners, we design innovative products.

We design cross-plateform software to provide you a complete solution:

  • Desktop applications (Windows, Linux, Mac)
  • Mobile applications (Android)
  • Websites (front-end & backend)
  • Embedded software (Raspberry Pi, Arduino, …)



Our vision

Continuous Innovation

  • Design an evolutive software architecture with a close collaboration with the client
  • Iterative development to match the customer needs
  • Continuous R&D to provide the best solutions

Our approach

We are a part of the TN2 organization to support your project in a wide range of topics:

  • Technical conception
  • Project management
  • Electronics
  • Software development
  • and much more…