Babyfoot 3D

Teamed with the Ark Systeme company, we created the Babyfoot 3D, a new generation of babyfoot. You have the real feeling of a babyfoot, the only difference is the playing field: it becomes a touch screen on which the ball can be detected. This opens up the game to many possible games and interactions.

Video of the Babyfoot 3D



We designed the technology behind the ball detection. It is a flexible system named Touch that does optical recognition (based on infrared data analysis) to generate multi-touch events. The engine of Touch is based on C++ and Qt 5, to ally performance to a cross-platform application (Touch runs on Windows / Linux / Mac).

Video of the Touch technology



The Babyfoot 3D project participated in 2016 to the Lépine contest in Paris, where it won a gold medal.