Mastering Qt 5

In 2016, the book editor, Pack Publishing contacted us to write a technical book covering advanced topics about Qt 5 and C++. We are seasoned developers, and we use these technologies on a daily basis, but writing a whole book about it is another story. We accepted the challenge, and 9 months later, our 525 pages book is finally available.


We aim to teach the reader to be proficient with Qt mechanisms to resolve real world problems. We put a strong focus on the latest version of C++14 to see how it can fit with a well designed Qt 5 application.

Here is a summary of the covered topics:

  • Create stunning UIs with Qt Widget and Qt Quick
  • Develop powerful, cross-platform applications with the Qt framework
  • Design GUIs with the Qt Designer and build a library in it for UI preview
  • Handle user interaction with the Qt signal/slot mechanism in C++
  • Prepare a cross-platform project to host a third-party library
  • Build a Qt application using the OpenCV API
  • Use the Qt Animation framework to display stunning effects
  • Deploy mobile apps with Qt and embedded platforms


We received some great reviews of our readers, from Alex:

This book is absolutely amazing.
It covers both basic and advanced aspects of Qt 5; along the way, you will learn desktop and mobile app development (and sharing same codebase between mobile and desktop projects), UI design, cross-compilation (with an example for Raspberry Pi), using 3rd-party libraries (OpenCV in this book), animations, multithreading, IPC, serialization and deserialization, testing and benchmarking, app deployment and many other tips and tricks, all of that using the most appropriate C++ design patterns for each situation.

From Matt:

Excellent book. I would recommend it.



The book is available on the major technical book platforms:

The source code of the book is hosted on GitHub under MIT license.